Dealing With Infertiity

Dealing With Infertiity

Fertility Health

Fertility Health

Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant

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New to IVF

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The WAB Advantage

At WishABaby, we always strive to ensure happiness for you, which is far beyond supporting you in realizing your dream of parenthood. While we assure you to provide you our best, the following are our USPs to help you make an informed decision.

A Reliable and Dedicated Platform

We’re not a statistics-based team that focuses on building numbers and profits. For us, it is your happiness and satisfaction that we count as our ROI. At WishABaby, our primary focus is getting you in touch with the best IVF experts so as to take your chances of successful conception to the maximum possible.

A One-Stop Solution

Right from the phase you start planning your baby till the time your baby starts going to school, and even after that, WishABaby will stand strong with you at every single step along the path. Whether it is about connecting you to the best of IVF experts, providing you with the important know-how on your journey to parenthood, guiding you on the necessary pre and post-natal nutrition, or supplying you with the necessary products for your baby and yourselfx.

Informed Experts

While we help you conceive, we also help you understand the entire phase in detail with our informative write-ups especially prepared upon consultation with experts. You can look up to WishABaby for any and all information you need. We will help you stay informed about all the necessary aspects you should be aware of to ensure good health for your baby as well as yourself.

Hand-Holding Support and Guidance

Our job does not end at just connecting you with IVF experts. At WishABaby, we take it as our duty to support you with thorough hand-holding guidance throughout the path – Be it while searching for an IVF expert, during the 9 months of your pregnancy, or upon arrival of your little bundle of joy, your baby.

Help You Know Your Baby Better

Parenthood is indeed a beautiful feeling, and to make you experience this special bliss right from the very first day you come to know about your pregnancy, we provide you with regular updates about the baby’s development in the womb. We will keep you posted with various milestones that your baby will touch upon as it grows. You’ll be in a better position to understand as well as track the growth of your baby.

Exclusive Discounts and Offers

At WishABaby, you can shop for the most popular and the finest of products for you as well as your baby. Whether it is the nutritional supplements and the other essential items for the new mother, or the diapers, skin care products, toys, or any other supplies for the baby, you can avail all from our Store at exclusively discounted prices that are extended to all our dear members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is WishABaby?

WishABaby is a connecting platform where we help the childless couples and single individuals to connect with sperm donors, egg donors, surrogates, and co-parents to bring them rays of hope to embrace a new life. We also maintain a directory of fertility clinics and experts to provide you with timely health screening and quality infertility treatments as per the Indian fertility laws. In short, we are your scientific, healthy, legal and ethical way to happiness as per your individual biology.

What is different about WishABaby?

We are your companion on your journey to parenthood. There are multiple biological and scientific factors that contribute to your health and success in this process. We bring these essential elements under one roof and integrate them into an approach which is individually tailored to meet your needs as perfectly as possible. And this is done with utmost care and compassion.

Why knowing about the donor is important?

It is a known fact that the genetic make-up of a donor is always inherited partly by the child. As such, knowing a donor and being aware about his health, can help minimise the chances of passing on a genetic disorder from the donor to the baby. Secondly, in case any general health issues arise in the future, knowing the donating-parent's medical history can help in faster diagnosis, facilitating better and apt treatment of the child.

Is there any personal involvement of WishABaby in finding Donors or Co-Parents?

No, WishABaby will not be personally involved in finding donors for you. We believe it is you who has the right to select the donor for yourself, and hence all we do is to provide you the detailed profiles of the donors registered with us. You can yourself access the profiles, find the ideal match, and accordingly take well-informed decisions yourself.